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New Metrics to Define Value of Wellness in Retirement Communities

(Source: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences)


The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) and the ProMatura Group announced the release of the ICAA/ProMatura Wellness Benchmarks. For the first time, industry-wide metrics will capture the contribution and value of wellness—lifestyle activities, fitness and recreation—to a retirement property's mission and bottom line. "For the owners of retirement communities, it has been challenging to determine how an investment in wellness will return to the property," explains Colin Milner, CEO of International Council on Active Aging. "Now, with these potentially industry-changing metrics, organizations will have the ability to analyze the contribution wellness has on their bottom-line, especially given the current economic environment. This information is even more important for advance planning, as owners decide not only what will attract residents 10 years from now, but what will keep them engaged."  MORE Management section of the ICAA website.




CCRC's Are Expanding Their Home And Community-Based Services Offerings

(Source: Coffey Break)

Preliminary findings from the 2010 AAHSA Zeigler 100 show that more than 75 percent of the largest 25 multi-site not-for-profit senior living organizations offer HCBS; in 2009, two of these organizations expanded their services. Of the largest 10 organizations, 80 percent offer HCBS, with one expanding its services. None reduced the services offered. (In last year's publication, more than 70 percent had either kept their HCBS services level or expanded, but 26 percent had reduced their services). See Ziegler's Z-News. Also, read the report of AAHSA's HCBS Cabinet to learn about developing or expanding HCBS in your organization.