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The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) Publishes Guides for Person-Centered Services and Supports for People, Announces New Organization Development Consultation

(Source:  Thank you to Debbie Conway for sharing this information!)

For more than 40 years CQL has been a leader in working with human service organizations and systems to continuously define, measure and improve the quality of life of all people. Services that are person-centered  ...  that support each person to live his or her own life - to plan, to contribute, to participate, to choose; and to be respected and valued is WHAT REALLY MATTERS.  CQL offers consultation, accreditation, training and certification services to organizations and systems that share our vision of dignity, opportunity and community for all people.

On behalf of the Board and Staff of CQL, we are pleased to announce our new Guide to Person-centered Services, a product of CQL’s What Really Matters Initiative.  CQL launched the initiative in 2009 to take a new look at the challenges and solutions in realizing person-centered services and supports across a range of human services. Inspired by the words of the artist Georgia O’Keeffe – “Only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis do we get at the real meaning of things” – we embarked on the development of new definitions, metrics and improvement methods focused on person-centered services.


Over a 12-month period, we sought out the best thinkers and innovators across a wide range of human services to guide our work in developing new measures for person-centered thinking. We commissioned a number of research and content reports from external experts; conducted an international Delphi survey; convened advisory groups from different fields; held listening sessions, focus groups, and discussions with key stakeholders.


The What Really Matters Initiative has resulted in identification and development of 8 Key Factors and 34 Success Indicators that characterize excellence in person-centered supports and promote personal quality of life outcomes. These key factors and success indicators are the basis for CQL’s new Guide to Person-centered Excellence. We have developed three service –area applications of the Guide. Please find the links below. We begin our international dissemination by sharing these materials with you,


Guide to Person-centered Excellence: Application for Services for Older Adults

Guide to Person-centered Excellence: Application for Services for People with Disabilities

Guide to Person-centered Excellence:  Application for Services for People with Mental Illness and People with Substance Use Disorder


We urge organizations to use the factors and indicators as part of their own internal quality improvement program. We recommend that organizations prioritize the success indicators in their own setting and begin to implement those that will have the greatest impact and the most probable success for the people receiving services and supports.


CQL is happy to also announce the CQL Focus Forum a unique consultative experience for human service organizations to implement person-centered excellence. The Focus Forum utilizes the Key Factors and Success Indicators as part of 2 ½ days of interactive dialogue, debate, and action planning. The CQL Focus Forum concludes with an organization-wide plan, identification of resources, timeframe for implementation, and measures of accomplishment. To learn more about the CQL Focus Forum click here.