What Do YOU Want For Your Loved Ones And Yourself?

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We want to direct our own lives and maintain our simple pleasures no matter where we find ourselves, and in any setting we call home. Having the opportunity to have a meaningful quality of life is a human rights issue.

Laws and regulations require nursing homes to implement Person-Centered Care and have been moving in that direction for years. Implementing Person-Centered Care is how we move away from a traditional medical model. We have to focus on Quality of Life, not just Quality of Care.

There is a positive business case for adopting person-centered practices and we now have research to show it is more efficient, effective, and has better outcomes than the institutional or medical model.

All this being said, Person-Centered Care is just the right thing to do. We are all aging.

What simple pleasures make your days happier and more fulfilling?

How can we support others to have these moments in their lives regardless of where they live?

Take time to reflect on why this is personally important to your own life and for the people you love.

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