Culture Change Is Good For Business

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It is important that we all embrace the positive outcomes that come from Culture Change, as well as the competitive and operational advantages it brings.

Culture Change is good for business. This makes a compelling argument to change operations, relationships, and the physical environment to support Person-Centered Care.

These positive outcomes support culture change and translate into cost savings:

• Culture Change reduces absenteeism, staff turnover, and use of agency staff.

• In a Person-Centered organization there is a reduction in the number of special diets.

• With Person-Centered Care there are reductions in weight loss, dehydration, and a variety of incidents.

• With Person-Centered Care the use of anti-psychotic medications for behavioral expressions is reduced.

• Culture Change leads to a more positive reputation in the community which results in higher occupancy rates and increased private pay census.

How are you and your organization reaping the benefits of Culture Change?

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