What is Culture Change

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Culture Change is the common name given to the national movement for the transformation of older adult services based on person-centered values and practices. It focuses on individualizing care and focusing on the person, not just their disease or what is “wrong” with them.

The Culture Change movement is gaining strength all over the world. In fact, person-centered practices are accepted as the gold standard globally by the World Health Organization and The Institute of Medicine.

Few dispute the philosophy behind Person-Centered Care. But in addition to the challenges of change itself, undoing the medical model can be daunting for everyone who works in a nursing home.

Culture Change starts by examining the “culture” of our organizations. Our “culture” is our collective thoughts, behaviors and attitudes based on our values and beliefs. Culture change requires us to change our old medical, institutional thinking and practices, and transform everything we do to focus on the PEOPLE we are serving. We need to focus on an organizational culture that has values that drive resident choice, dignity, meaningful relationships and self-determination for those who live and work in our organizations.

Culture change requires changes in organizational practices, physical environments, as well in personal beliefs and relationships. What is the culture of your organization?



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