Culture Change and Person-Centered Care: What is the Difference?

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We often use the terms “Culture Change” and “Person-Centered Care” interchangeably.
However, they are very different. Person-Centered Care is WHAT you do. Culture Change is really the WHY behind what you do and how you do it.

Person-Centered Care is an approach that frames care through the eyes of the person receiving that care. Person-Centered Care is about PRACTICES that support and respect the individual, practices that are driven by the Elders.

True Culture Change transforms the shared beliefs and practices of an organization. It is the ultimate goal.

Only when THE REASON WHY we do what we do is because we truly understand and support that choice is every individual’s human right are we looking at Culture Change.

Only when we truly respect the humanity of every individual are we looking at Culture Change. Only when we truly honor every person’s ability to control their own life
are we looking at Culture Change. Only when we truly embrace these shared beliefs are we looking at personal and organizational Culture Change.

If we are “doing” Person-Centered Care without having these beliefs, we are not “doing” Culture Change.

Only when an organization operationalizes these beliefs is the “PRACTICE” of Person-Centered Care going to sustain for the long term.

How are you and your organization defining Culture Change and practicing Person-Centered Care?

What are the shared beliefs in your organization?

What is the foundation behind WHY you do what you do for the people you serve?

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