Person-Centered Dementia Care

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Person-Centered Care is an approach that frames care through the eyes of the person receiving that care.

If you know one person with dementia, you know one person with dementia.
Every person living with dementia is unique.

Quality dementia care requires a strong foundation in the principles and practices of Person-Centered Care.

Person-Centered Care values choice, dignity, respect, self-determination, and purposeful living. It honors the individual’s preferences and goals, and emphasizes meaningful relationships and communication among all care partners.

Person-Centered Dementia Care is about focusing on the well-being of the whole person.

The individual living with dementia is more than their symptoms or diagnosis. It is important to deeply know the unique and complete person, including his or her values, beliefs, interests, abilities, likes, and dislikes — both past and present.

This deep knowledge of the person should inform every interaction and experience.
—Practice Recommendations for Person-Centered Care, Alzheimer’s Association

Individuals living with dementia tell us their main priority is to live well and have a full life.

“We must realize that dementia is a shift in the way a person experiences the world around them. It’s up to US to change. We have to change our minds about the people whose minds have changed.”
—G. Allen Power, M.D., Board-Certified Internist, Geriatrician and Author

How are you and your organization practicing Person-Centered Dementia Care?

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