Who is Pioneer Network?

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Pioneer Network is the national leader of the Culture Change Movement.

Culture Change is the common name given to the national movement for the transformation of older adult services based on person-centered values and practices.

Pioneer Network was formed in 1997 with the leadership of a few nursing home visionaries who recognized that many of the practices that were common in nursing homes were destroying the human spirit of the residents they served.

These “Nursing Home Pioneers” believed that the institutional, hospital-like culture in nursing homes could be transformed by changing the way they approached their work and the people that they worked with, including the residents and the staff.

The Pioneers had different approaches with different names, but they were united by the core values of dignity, choice, and self-determination. They were also focused on quality of life, not just quality of care. Their common philosophy aligned with the Nursing Home Reform Law of 1987, commonly known as OBRA’ 87.

The Pioneers were demonstrating that there was a better way. They were proving that the culture of nursing homes could be transformed within the regulatory and reimbursement structures by aligning values, practices, and the culture within their communities.

These Pioneers vowed to start a national movement and coined the term “Culture Change,” and in 1997 launched the Culture Change Movement.

The “Nursing Home Pioneers” became Pioneer Network, whose mission is to advocate and facilitate deep system change in the culture of aging to impact how society views aging and treats Elders who need care and support.

Pioneer Network has earned a reputation as the national convener for essential dialogue in Culture Change and person-centered care.

They have expanded beyond a sole focus on nursing homes and now include the entire spectrum of long-term care and support.

As the umbrella organization of the Culture Change Movement, Pioneer Network works to coalesce all national stakeholders with the sole mission of influencing, educating, and advocating for improving quality of life and quality of care for Elders and those closest to them.

There is strength in numbers and when legislators and other policy makers see individuals and organizations that don’t always agree advocating for change together, it is a powerful force.

For over 20 years, Pioneer Network achieves their mission by:

  • Creating communication, networking, and learning opportunities;
  • Building and supporting relationships and community;
  • Identifying and promoting transformations in practice, services, public policy, and research.
  • Developing and providing access to resources and leadership.

Pioneer Network has been instrumental in the creation and expansion of state Culture Change Coalitions, who are vital partners in the shared commitment to advance and spread the adoption of Culture Change in their respective states.

Pioneer Network. Inspiring Culture Change, supporting innovation, providing an opportunity for learning.

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