Culture Change Coalitions: Key to Advancing Change at the Local Level

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Pioneer Network is the umbrella organization of the national Culture Change Movement. Pioneer Network has earned a reputation as the national convener for essential dialogue in Culture Change and Person-Centered Care.

There is strength in numbers and when legislators and other policy makers see individuals and organizations that don’t always agree advocating for change together, it is a powerful force.

Pioneer Network has been instrumental in the creation and expansion of state Culture Change Coalitions, who are vital partners in the shared commitment to advance and spread the adoption of Culture Change in their respective states.

Many of these coalitions were started to impact the culture of nursing home care since it is the most institutional setting. Some of the newer coalitions are focused more broadly on the entire spectrum of long-term care

and support, advocating for person-centered care wherever Elders call home. Culture Change Coalitions are the only groups solely focused on advancing Culture Change and Person-Centered Care.

As the local advocates for Culture Change, coalitions help spread awareness, provide education, and facilitate communication and idea-exchange between the national culture change movement and the states. Coalitions bring together organizations that may have different agendas to support a common goal of promoting Person-Centered Care and Culture Change in the state, and advocating for needed changes in the long-term care system.

Coalition activities often include:

  • Resources and communications including websites, newsletters, and educational materials.
  • Educational programs and networking meetings for providers and other stakeholders.
  • Education for policymakers and regulators about Culture Change.
  • Creating awareness of Culture Change within the general public.

Culture Change Coalitions work to advance  Culture Change and align laws, regulations and agendas of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) and state regulatory agencies with practice.

Does your state have a Culture Change Coalition?

Visit the Pioneer Network website to see.

Connect with the Culture Change Coalition in your state!

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