Online Certified Eden Associate Training – Become a Certified Eden Associate in 2023!

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The Eden Associate Training is Life Changing!

The Eden Alternative® is a principle-centered approach to culture change, and the Certified Eden Associate Training is the most widely practiced, comprehensive approach to person-centered/person-directed care. More than 50,000 people have gone through this training world-wide, with more than 1,300 Certified Eden Associates in GA.

Certified Eden Associate Training (CEAT) is an in-depth, interactive, educational exploration of what is required to successfully implement and sustain person-centered practices. It conveys the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of person-centered/person-directed care and the culture change that is required for initiating and maintaining it over time.

This online, interactive training offers practical tools that are the heart and soul of person-centered care planning as required by CMS (The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).

Communities with Certified Eden Associates on staff have:

  • Drastically reduced turnover and employees who are far more satisfied with their jobs;
  • Increased satisfaction and well-being from Elders and their care partners;
  • A better sense of community, team empowerment, and sustainability; and
  • Improved financial performance.

2023 Georgia Training Dates:

Eleven LIVE Online Sessions

March 21 to May 30, 2023

1.5 Hour Sessions Every Tuesday afternoon, 1:30pm – 3:00pm EST


Who Should Attend?

We recommend sending a team (including the Administrator, DON, and C.N.A.s) from each organization so they are inspired and prepared to work together to implement what they learned when they return.

Think interdisciplinary team building!

This is for anyone interested in learning about person-directed care, including: Long-Term Care Ombudsmen, State Surveyors, Policymakers, as well as Residents, Family/Friend Care Partners.

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DEADLINE: March 3, 2023

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Grant funds are available for Georgia Nursing Home staff and related stakeholder to apply for FREE coverage of the full registration fee ($600 value). Applicable stakeholders include: State Surveyors, Long-Term Care Ombudsmen, Residents, and Family/Friend Care Partners.

For anyone in Georgia who is not connected to a Georgia Nursing Home, you can still participate in the certification and there is a special discounted registration rate (via CCNG) of $515 (regular price $600). Simply use the code CCNG2023.

If you are NOT connected to a Georgia Nursing Home, register here. (DO NOT USE this link and code if you are applying for a Nursing Home scholarship.)

GA Nursing Homes & Stakeholders Apply Today!

Only 75 seats are available.